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The Challenge

Like many dioceses, Rochester was overwhelmed with what they did NOT know. It seemed impossible to determine where teachers, coaches, and catechists were on their certification path or the resources being made available to them. They needed an easy to use, affordable, single source technology that could deliver content, reporting, and one login to access all of their management needs.

The Solution

The Diocese of Rochester partnered with us on a journey that began with a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver online courses and training to employees, volunteers, ministers, and sacraments.

Long-term Vision

The Benefit of Accountability

There are many sources of good Catholic content, but CFT is the only platform that allows administrators to see what content is being consumed and mastered. Tracking with catechists along their personal certification path provides an instant view of resources and areas of needs.

Meeting Uniqe Needs

Value-Added Content

The diocese also identified a need for methodology courses based on student-centered learning. Not finding the courses they wanted, the diocese hired an instructional designer to develop an eight-course program on Methods and Methodology. These courses will now be shared with other diocesan partners through CFT’s online store and library.

Achieving Goals

Beyond Content

The diocese has identified Finance and I.T. as areas where they also struggle with disparate challenges. They will soon bring their payroll function onto the Catholic Faith Technologies platform for seamless and streamlined operations.

Finally, everything you need under one roof
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