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The Challenge

The greatest challenge facing Ted Musco, the Executive Director School of Evangelization, was a System of Records for their 90 schools, 186 parishes, and at the time - 6,000 catechists. According to Ted, “This highly organized system makes record-keeping very easy.”

The Solution

Following the initial launch of the platform in 2014, it was determined that ease of use was tremendous, and the system provided significant value in the saving of time and money while establishing a baseline for the upcoming year.

Long-term Vision


Key outcomes were the ability to apply bulk credits and to customize certification for activities or events. Today, Ted Musco reports an enthusiasm for the online catechist program, pointing out that the key to developing today's Catholic leaders and teachers is the same as developing learners in any organization.

Meeting Uniqe Needs


1. It needs to be mobile - with access any time, anywhere and from any device.
2. Learning needs to be personalized, allowing self-drivers to pursue their own paths, discover and curate their own learning.
3. It should be social, offering opportunities for collaboration.
4. It needs to be engaging, delivered in microbursts.
5. Learning needs to be rewarded, with recognition and certifications.

Achieving Goals

The Future

Catechists are growing across the board, with the number now approaching 7,000; teachers, youth ministers, parishes. There has been a marked increase in confidence among catechists and leaders. Ease of use, personal choice, and affordability are key factors to Brooklyn's success. In May of 2016, 200 catechists were awarded certification during their annual presentation ceremony. In 2017, the number approached 800. It’s a snapshot approach that results in the diocese’s ability to deliver continuity in the teaching of the faith.

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